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♻️ Upcycle with us!

(photo cr: unsplash)

reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.


[From 04 Sept till 31 Oct 2021]

"Many of you have asked about upcycling your jars (be it our used jars or any other jars you have lying around!)

In this special celebratory month, I thought of giving back slightly differently, hence here we are, trying this out.

Although this campaign will not be much profitable to us, it is really out of fun & joy in giving back, also becoming more sustainable by reusing your old glass jar and giving it new life!" -Jeanne

Terms & Conditions

  • 📍 Drop-off: 71 Lor 23 Geylang, #305, Singapore 388386 (Whatsapp us the proof of drop!) 

  • Min. of 5 jars per drop-off bag - And a 15% e-voucher will be sent to you, so do ensure your name and contact number is attached well to your donation bags so that we can contact you!

  • Other Notes:

    • Please ensure your cleaned jars are able to withstand boiling water and is no bigger than 500ml (you can use water to gauge on the volume as well as boiling water to make sure the jar can be used by us!)
    • We are not liable if the jars break or your name and contact number note falls off during pickup/drop-off, hence do make sure it’s protected & safely secured!
    • Note: Voucher issued will be valid for use on non-preorder items only

  • For all rejected pieces, it will be deposited into the recycling bins and will not add to the overall count to qualify for the voucher